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Edinburgh Business School invigorates the high performing leaders of its Student Development Team using Team Uplift workshops from Learning to Flourish

"A great tool that really helped raise awareness with individuals and the team…It exceeded my expectations and the impact was very evident."
- Rona Doig, Head of Student Development

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  • The  University of Edinburgh chooses Team Uplift workshops from Learning to Flourish to serve leadership development needs of its Student Development team
  • Student Development wanted to stretch its performance  as a team by improving the fit of the different capabilities of individual team members
  • The Business School selected Learning to Flourish for it’s DRIVE performance psychology model that helps individuals recognise and use their signature strengths in a team
  • Team Uplift helps Student Development raise performance by deepening the understanding and connection between team members
  • Business School deepens engagement with Learning to Flourish with joint online programmes on the role post-traumatic growth for leading through Covid-19