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NHS Excellence in Care

NHS Scotland Excellence in Care

Learning to Flourish helps NHS Excellence in Care kickstart a seven-month quality improvement programme for nursing with performance psychology leadership development.

"I can't recommend Learning to Flourish highly enough"
- Norma Dodds, Lead Nurse, Excellence in Care

  • NHS Lothian chose Learning to Flourish performance psychology to help front-line nurse leaders develop their quality improvement skills as part of the Excellence in Care programme
  • Excellence in Care is a national programme rolled out in response to serious quality assurance failures in Scottish health services. The aim of the programme is to establish a robust framework for assuring nursing and midwifery care in Scotland
  • Having worked with programme leaders and their teams since 2017, Learning to Flourish was selected to provide performance psychology to help nurse leaders raise team performance and navigate the changes that the programme entailed
  • Althought the programme has been paused during the Covid 19 pandemic, 12 cohorts of nurse leaders have so far taken part in a seven-month training across six  modules covering leadership, resilience, quality improvement methodology and patient experience to raise quality standards
  • Learning to Flourish’s role is to launch the programme with a plenary session where nurse leaders select the project that they will focus their efforts on for the programme
  • Nurses are helped by Learning to Flourish’s Leadership Development service because it guides them to select a project they are most motivated to achieve in the face of the intense competing priorities of everyday work
  • Participants describe the Learning to Flourish session as being a light-bulb moment when they reconnect with what they enjoy most about nursing
  • Autumn 2021 will see the programme resume with six new cohorts of nurse leaders