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Learning to Flourish works with schools, medical professionals and entrepreneurs

Some of our clients are listed below.

The Glasgow Academy

Personal and Social Education (PSE) at this leading Scottish school is using the science of positive psychology to build pupil resilience and personal strength.

"Katie has sparked a true partnership of learning to achieve the best outcomes for our pupils"

  • Pupils develop awareness of their personal strengths and coach each other to use them for charity fundraising activities
  • Katie runs in-house training for teachers to enable them to deliver a 6 week PSE course on strengths-based coaching
  • TGA teacher and coach, Dan Ford, attended one of Katie’s Strengths workshops and was curious about her work with pupils in other schools
  • Together with Deputy Rector, Matthew Pearce, they created a practical, easy-to deliver scheme of work linked to the Curriculum for Excellence
  • 86% of pupils feel better equipped to deal with things as a result

The Melting Pot

Scotland’s centre for social innovation uses our DRIVE strengths workshops to help leaders of start-ups build their resilience and courage to succeed.

"People are complex and Katie brings the wisdom of understanding what drives different individuals and helps them to thrive"

  • Melting Pot is Scotland’s main hub for social innovation and it’s Good Ideas Academy helps entrepreneurs to turn great ‘ideas’ into real social enterprises, charities and campaigns.
  • Learning to Flourish has run Strength Sessions for more than 50 academy participants, including the Good Ideas Camp for inductees followed by one-to-one coaching
  • Melting Pot selected Learning to Flourish after CEO Claire Carpenter ‘saw Katie in action’ presenting on meaningful risks for the third sector.
  • Social innovators become more resilient

NHS Lothian

Senior nurse leaders become more daring with Learning to Flourish coaching. The NHS Lothian ‘Daring to be Great’ programme empowers nursing staff to lead and deliver the strategic vision for health in Scotland.

"Katie creates a safe space to build our resilience and courage in supporting our teams and their people"

  • NHS Lothian chooses chartered psychologist to share leadership expertise and experience
  • Strengths-based approach creates a powerful mindset shift with nurses who are used to fixing what wrong.
  • Growing what’s strong enables leaders to ‘walk the talk’ of their Daring to be Great training
  • Senior nurses are more resourceful in influencing and leading the health agenda in Scotland

George Watson's College

Learning to Flourish develops the leadership potential of staff at one of Scotland’s most renowned independent schools. Using a combination of Strengths, Coaching and Leadership programmes, George Watson’s College is supporting its staff to step up and create the changes they want to see.

"Katie helped us understand our leadership drives and apply them to new initiatives with skill and courage"

  • Potential and actual school leaders invest in a year-long Leadership Development programme to transform a project idea into a practical reality
  • Katie builds new leadership expertise every term: Leading Self; Leading Others; Collaborative Leadership
  • Leaders support each others’ learning and development with coaching trios
  • Positive impact on curriculum, pupil wellbeing and staff confidence and cohesion