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Strengths at Work: Conceptualising with John

To John, learning about his signature strengths of Conceptualising and Experimenting was like finding he had “a superpower” made up of a desire to understand a big picture view of how things work and a desire to make incremental improvements – a combination that suits him well when working on agile software development.

In his Strengths at Work video, John says that knowing about and using his strengths help prevent him from becoming worn down when times are tough . He also says that that teams he works in should include people with different signature strengths.

John relied on his strengths, and especially his generalist conceptual knowledge to step up and lead a web project team at NHS National Services Scotland that had shed many of its members and leaders during the COVID pandemic.

In Strengths at Work, our clients and colleagues tell us in their own words (and webcams!) how they use their strengths to succeed.

John’s signature strengths were identified by Learning to Flourish’s Spark your DRIVE® online performance psychology questionnaire. Strengths are the traits at the core of our personalities that motivate us and Spark your DRIVE helps people understand and use their signature strengths to push aside blockers such as a fear of mistakes, imposter syndrome and loss of self-belief.

Are you a business, school or medical professional interested in learning about your own strengths or telling us how you use yours? Email us at for a link to the questionnaire.