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Strengths at Work: Scanning with Kevin

Which of your signature psychological strengths would you rely on if you were a football referee in the Scottish Premiership? Or presenting an argument before a judge?

For Kevin, a UEFA category 2 referee and partner at Shepherd + Wedderburn, it’s the strength of Scanning, which makes him seek the best possible decisions on the pitch and in court by carefully analysing all the information available before making a decision.

In his Strengths at Work video, Kevin says that Scanning motivates him to investigate and explore issues, consider all the possible data, question the information he’s been given and seek impartiality in decision-making.

Strengths are the traits at the core of our personalities that motivate us and Spark your DRIVE helps people understand and use their signature strengths to push aside blockers such as a fear of mistakes, imposter syndrome and loss of self-belief.

Are you a business, school or medical professional interested in learning about your own strengths or telling us how you use yours? Email us at for a link to the questionnaire.