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We help schools become more courageous places of learning using the latest applied positive psychology thinking.  After working with us, teachers and pupils learn to harness their distinctive, authentic and energising personal strengths. Learning to Flourish offers schools complete strengths-based teaching programmes. For groups of teachers and pupils we provide strength-building sessions, leadership development coaching workshops and transition programmes.

Learning to Flourish helps leaders become more daring and disciplined. Entrepreneurs and managers are more creative, motivated and successful when they know drives them, a discovery process we facilitate using our Spark your Drive® positive psychology framework. We offer leaders and their teams, strength-building sessions, leadership development and coaching workshops.

NHS clinicians, managers and support staff work with us to become more resilient. NHS staff become more energised, confident and gain clarity of thinking by rediscovering what motivates them using the Spark your Drive® positive psychology framework. For all levels of staff, we offer strengths-building sessions, leadership development and coaching workshops.




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I'm reading an increasing number of articles on how leaders can support their teams to experience "post-traumatic growth" (PTG - increased wellbeing) as an outcome of #Covid19. It's about values-based leadership and attention to community: Via @HarvardBiz

Productivity comes from focusing on your to-do list.
Growth starts with making your to-learn list.

If you put learning on the back burner, you get more done without getting better.

Improving depends on setting goals for knowledge and skills to build, not just tasks to finish.

Reframing #psychological support as a 'badge of honour' rather than a sign of weakness has been helping #leaders as they navigate 2020's uncertainty to support others

We're all #navigating uncertainty right now, but knowing our distinctive #strengths helps us direct our inner compass and tune our support radar to take meaningful #risks

Fab article on accentuating the positive @BelgianWaffling

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