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Learning to Flourish services help people push their boundaries, navigate change and take calculated risks in uncertain and demanding workplaces. All our services are available online which means we’re able to serve clients during Covid restrictions.

Leadership Development Programmes

Our performance coaching programme helps leaders and senior executives improve their effectiveness. Common use cases are organisations that want to find leaders to promote into succession gaps, have leaders whose performance is ‘blocked’, that need determine who their highest potential leaders are or simply want to be more proactive in equipping future leaders. Learning to Flourish’s approach recognises that effective leadership isn’t about conforming to a standardised norm but helping leaders understand the personal strengths that drive performance.

One-on-one Coaching Sessions for senior leaders

One-on-one Coaching Sessions help senior executives and entrepreneurs lift their performance. Our approach applies positive psychology to help leaders identify the innate personality traits that most motivate them .

Team Uplift Workshops

Team Uplift workshops are designed to improve the performance of mid-management and service delivery teams. These sessions enables teams to understand and harness the signature strengths of each member and use these cohesively to drive performance.

Performance Tools for Organisational Coaches

We equip organisational coaches to have effective coaching conversions using our performance psychology Spark your Drive® coaching framework supported with online tools.  Delivered in a workshop format with subscription to Spark your Drive Online, our approach gives internal coaches and leaders a proven methodology to turn coaching conversations into performance conversations.

Performance Tools for Professional Development

Our Performance Tools for Professional Development workshops equip managers to have effective professional development conversations that lead to the selection of meaningful training and upskilling rather than completion of a tick box exercise. Delivered in a workshop format with subscription to Spark your Drive® Online, our approach gives professional reviewers a proven methodology to run review discussions into meaningful development plans.

Custom services

All our services were originally developed bespoke for particular clients so please get in touch if you want to use performance psychology but want something tailored specifically to your requirements.