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Pushing boundaries

Learning to Flourish helps services help people push their boundaries in uncertain and demanding workplaces using the DRIVE framework to understand their distinctive strengths.

Strengths sessions

One of the biggest breakthroughs in performance development has been through strengths-based psychology.  It shows that in our increasingly complex and demanding workplaces, fixing what’s wrong isn’t sufficient to navigate change – we also need to grow what’s strong. These sessions enables people to understand and harness their distinctive and authentic strengths to push the boundaries of their comfort zones.

Coaching workshops

Coaching is the ultimate in personalised learning and development, with a wealth of evidence to demonstrate its performance benefits in business, educational and health settings. Our Strengths-based workshops use the SPARK coaching framework (Strengths, Pushing Boundaries, Appreciation, Reaching Out, Kick Starting) to enable people to unlock the potential of their colleagues.

Leadership development

Understanding the strengths that drive your leadership is the most important lesson that any leader can learn. Effective leadership isn’t about conforming to a standardised norm. We support and challenge leaders to unlock their distinctive leadership potential with a 3-part toolkit that stretches their distinctive strengths: Strengths Compass; Leadership Radar; Energy Booster.

Teaching programmes

Life beyond school is both an exciting and daunting prospect for pupils. It’s also an increasingly complex one. Our teaching programmes accredit teachers with a practical toolkit that guides pupils through the key questions of: What matters to me beyond my exam results? How do I find my way forward? What will keep me going through the ups and downs?