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Pushing boundaries

Strengths sessions

Harnessing the distinctive drives that unlock potential.

Who's it for?

Individuals and teams who feel stuck with current levels of performance.

"Very useful to understand the difference between being good at something and it being a key driver for you"

What does it involve?

  • Half-day session
  • Psychology of Strengths
  • Difference between skill and drive
  • DRIVE framework of strengths
  • Personality evaluation
  • Dark side of drive

Coaching workshops

Building capability to unlock the potential of other people.

Who's it for?

Individuals with responsibility for performance development.

"SPARK questioning inspires people to believe they can create change"

What does it involve?

  • Experiential full-day workshop
  • SPARK process
  • Listening skills
  • Power of Questions
  • Coaching practice

Leadership development

Stepping up to drive organisational change.

Who's it for?

Middle and senior leaders who want to go beyond conventional management skills.

"Discovering new areas of leadership and how, through building on strengths, you can become a great leader"

What does it involve?

  • Experiential 3-part programme
  • Run over a day, a month or a year
  • Leadership Compass: DRIVE framework of Leadership Strengths
  • Organisational Radar: Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Energy Booster: Creating a culture of change

Teaching programmes

Building pupil strength and resilience for life beyond school.

Who's it for?

Schools that appreciate the increasing complexity of life beyond exam success.

"86% of pupils feel better equipped to deal with things"

What does it involve?

  • One-day training programme
  • 6 modules
  • DRIVE framework of Strengths
  • SPARK coaching
  • Navigation toolkit