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NHS clinicians, managers and support staff work with us to navigate change and build resilience. NHS staff become more energised, confident and gain clarity of thinking by rediscovering what motivates them using the Spark your Drive® positive psychology model.

of clinical psychology leaders said their confidence had improved due to the programme

"I tend to gravitate towards people who are like-minded but recognise now that there is so much more value in working with people who are naturally very different from you. Kate was a fantastic coach, very enthusiastic and I came away from the course with a real sense of confidence."

- Fiona Callan, Shared Services Manager,
NHS National Services Scotland


Team Uplift Workshops

What is it?

Sessions to improve the performance of mid-management and service delivery teams. These sessions enable teams to understand and harness the signature strengths of each member and use these cohesively to drive performance

Who's it for?

Teams that want a step-change in performance, feel stuck with current levels of performance or simply need new ideas or reinvigoration

What do clients say?

"...really helped raise awareness with individuals and the team…It exceeded my expectations and the impact was very evident."
- Rona Doig, Head of Student Development, University of Edinburgh Business School

What does it involve?

  • 2 x 90-minute online sessions or half-day in-person workshop
  • Includes online Spark your Drive signature strengths profile
  • Team members get to know each members signature strengths and how to work effectively together

One-on-one Coaching Sessions

What is it?

Series of one-on-one coaching sessions to help leaders identify and apply their signature strengths to lift their performance.

Who's it for?

Senior executives, leaders and entrepreneurs.

What do clients say?

"Amazing, thought-provoking coaching. Katie helps me with my mindset to deal with growth barriers, risk taking and handling pressure and stress"
- Sam Brennan, CEO, Fresh Car Valeting

“One-to one coaching with Learning to Flourish has simply been the best coaching experience in my professional life- thoughtful, reflective, stretching and fun. It delivers.”
- Professor Angela Timoney, NHS Lothian Director of Pharmacy

What does it involve?

  • Series of individual coaching sessions, normally 60-90 minutes in length
  • Helps leaders identify their signature strengths and goals
  • Helps leaders resolve challenges in a new light using their strengths
  • Provides space for leaders to have discussions in a confidential setting

Leadership Development Programmes

What is it?

Performance coaching for leaders and senior executives for improving leadership effectiveness

Who's it for?

Organisations that want to find leaders to promote into succession gaps, have leaders whose performance is ‘blocked’ or that need determine who their highest potential leaders are

What do clients say?

“Learning to Flourish’s coaching has been one of the most successful parts of our programme. Feedback has been universally positive."
- Yvonne Brady, Development, Diversity and Inclusion Partner, Shepherd + Wedderburn

What does it involve?

  • Experiential 6-part programme of 90-minute group sessions delivered online or in-person
  • Includes either one-to-one coaching sessions or training for participants to coach each other
  • Participants learn how to use leadership signature strengths to achieve progression and promotion

Performance Tools for Coaches

What is it?

Equipping coaches with psychological performance tools so they can have effective coaching conversations.

Who's it for?

Organisations that want to transform internal coaching conversations from remedial improvements to outperformance using positive psychology

What do clients say?

"SPARK questioning inspires people to believe they can create change"

What does it involve?

  • Experiential 3-part programme of 90-minute group sessions delivered online or in-person
  • Includes training in Spark your Drive coaching methodology
  • Participants learn how to use signature strengths to focus coaching conversations on opportunities to outperform
  • Includes subscription to Spark your Drive online tool

Effective Coaching Conversations for Professional Development

What is it?

Training for managers and senior staff to have effective professional development conversations

Who's it for?

Organisations that wish to raise professional review and development conversations beyond box-ticking into meaningful training and upskilling

What do clients say?

"My PRD discussion centred around strengths rather than weaknesses, conversation was more focused, it was easier to set purposeful targets"

What does it involve?

  • Practical 3-part programme of 90-minute group sessions delivered online or in-person
  • Includes training in Spark your Drive coaching methodology and subscription to Spark your Drive online tool
  • Managers learn how to use signature strengths to focus development conversations on opportunities to outperform
  • Staff learn to use signature strengths to inform development planning
Client examples

NHS Scotland Excellence in Care

Learning to Flourish helps NHS Excellence in Care kickstart a seven-month quality improvement programme for nursing with performance psychology leadership development.

"I can't recommend Learning to Flourish highly enough"
- Norma Dodds, Lead Nurse, Excellence in Care

  • NHS Lothian chose Learning to Flourish performance psychology to help front-line nurse leaders develop their quality improvement skills as part of the Excellence in Care programme
  • Excellence in Care is a national programme rolled out in response to serious quality assurance failures in Scottish health services. The aim of the programme is to establish a robust framework for assuring nursing and midwifery care in Scotland
  • Having worked with programme leaders and their teams since 2017, Learning to Flourish was selected to provide performance psychology to help nurse leaders raise team performance and navigate the changes that the programme entailed
  • Althought the programme has been paused during the Covid 19 pandemic, 12 cohorts of nurse leaders have so far taken part in a seven-month training across six  modules covering leadership, resilience, quality improvement methodology and patient experience to raise quality standards
  • Learning to Flourish’s role is to launch the programme with a plenary session where nurse leaders select the project that they will focus their efforts on for the programme
  • Nurses are helped by Learning to Flourish’s Leadership Development service because it guides them to select a project they are most motivated to achieve in the face of the intense competing priorities of everyday work
  • Participants describe the Learning to Flourish session as being a light-bulb moment when they reconnect with what they enjoy most about nursing
  • Autumn 2021 will see the programme resume with six new cohorts of nurse leaders

NHS National Services Scotland

NHS National Services Scotland finds a way to develop leaders during the second national lockdown with Learning to Flourish Leadership Development workshops

"10 out of 10! A new way of approaching my leadership development. Concentrating on strengths is a more positive way to work which highlights weaknesses without lingering on them."
- Alan Connor, International Engagement Manager, NSS

NHS National Services Scotland logo
  • National Services Scotland (NSS) works at the heart of the Scottish health service, providing strategic support services and expert advice to NHS medical professionals around the country
  • Covid 19 greatly increased the stress and demands on NSS leaders, but in-person leadership development services that could help managers face the challenges were suspended during lockdown
  • Looking for a way to support leaders, NSS Organisational Development adopted a bespoke Learning to Flourish leadership development programme – Strengths for Leadership – that had been redesigned for online delivery during the pandemic
  • The NSS has used Learning to Flourish strengths-focused leadership development since 2015
  • Even though delivery had shifted online, leaders on the programme  reported renewed energy and readiness to fulfill new demands imposed on the roles
  • Following the success, a new NSS centre of excellence NHS Scotland Assure  adopts Strengths for Leadership for it’s incoming leadership team who have not worked together previously.

BPS Division of Clinical Psychologists Scotland

Learning to Flourish’s Adaptive Leadership Development Programme, helps BPS clinical psychologists in NHS Scotland address a lack of applications for critical senior leadership roles.

“.. it was challenging but led to increased confidence on personal strengths and competencies. Participants greatly enjoyed…head to head discussions by and between senior members of the profession in Scotland ”
- Alison McMullan, Chair, Div. Clinical Psychologists in Scotland

British Psychological Society logo
  • NHS Scotland identifies a shortfall of candidates for senior clinical psychology posts in  Scotland; working with British Psychological Society commissions Learning to Flourish to develop a leadership programme
  • Confidence surveys suggest clinical psychology department heads face high stress and isolation; clinicians were being promoted into taxing leadership roles without understanding qualities they could draw on to succeed as leaders
  • Learning to Flourish chosen for experiential, performance-psychology approach to leadership development
  • 24 clinical psychology leaders participate in 12-month Adaptive Leadership Development Programme
  • Participants gain an understanding of their signature leadership qualities using Learning to Flourish’s DRIVE™ performance psychology model
  • Participants embed knowledge by applying learning to a real life workplace project
  • Participants all report an improvement in confidence as leaders,  were ‘highly likely’ to recommend the course to others

NHS Lothian

Senior nurse leaders help deliver NHS Lothian ‘Daring to be Great’ strategic vision for health leadership, diversity and inclusion, with Learning to Flourish coaching.

"Katie creates a safe space to build our resilience and courage in supporting our teams and their people"
- Sue Sloan, Organisational Development Consultant, NHS Lothian

NHS Lothian logo
  • NHS Lothian chooses Learning to Flourish to help Daring to be Great programme participants recognise and share leadership expertise
  • Daring to be Great is a NHS Lothian development programme for senior nurses and midwives to promote experience, diversity and inclusion in leadership.
  • NHS Lothian selects Learning to Flourish for strengths-based approach and chartership accreditation in psychology
  • Strengths-based approach creates a powerful mindset shift with nurses who are used to fixing what wrong.
  • Growing what’s strong enables leaders to ‘walk the talk’ of their Daring to be Great training
  • Senior nurses are more resourceful in influencing and leading the health agenda in Scotland