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Shepherd and Wedderburn

Shepherd and Wedderburn

Shepherd and Wedderburn’s emerging leaders realise their leadership potential with Learning to Flourish performance coaching.

"The benefit of Learning to Flourish’s coaching has been exponential during the pandemic, an exceptionally challenging time to work.”
- John Morrison, Partner, Corporate Finance

“I’ve received great feedback from our emerging leaders; they are really benefiting from the Learning to Flourish coaching and challenge.”
- Gillian Carty, Chair

“Learning to Flourish coaching has been one of the most successful aspects of our Emerging Leadership Programme. Feedback on the coaching sessions has been universally positive.”
- Yvonne Brady, Partner, Head of Development, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Shepherd and Wedderburn, a leading UK law firm headquartered in Edinburgh, chose Learning to Flourish to help establish its emerging leaders development programme
  • The new programme was designed to recognise talented individuals and fast track their leadership potential
  • The firm’s diversity, development and inclusion team believed the programme would be most successful if it could identify a diverse set of qualities in emerging leaders so that the best opportunities could be identified for each participant’s distinctive development
  • Partners selected Learning to Flourish because our Spark your Drive performance coaching approach focuses on the unique strengths of leaders, a process which inherently recognises diversity in talent
  • Taking place over 20 months, the programme includes psychological profiling, stakeholder feedback and structured coaching of each participant
  • In the programme’s first 12 months, 45% of participants were promoted to partner or director
  • The programme was expanded in the second year after applications to participate doubled. Shepherd and Wedderburn deepened its engagement with Learning to Flourish, offering ongoing performance coaching to individuals outside the programme