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Unlocking Leadership Potential with Strength-focused Coaching

Coaching is the ultimate in personalised learning and development, with a wealth of evidence to demonstrate its performance benefits in business and educational settings. In recent years, one of the biggest breakthroughs in leadership thinking has been in the area of strengths-based approaches to performance development. The scientific evidence shows that focusing on what’s strong rather than on what’s wrong significantly enhances performance by increasing staff trust, engagement and resilience and by reducing stress.

The Learning to Flourish strengths-based coaching course, limited to a maximum of 15 delegates, provides an intensive training opportunity to build your coaching skills and achieve the following:

  • Increased confidence in your coaching skills
  • Insight into the strengths-based approach
  • Understanding how strengths-based coaching enhances performance
  • A practical toolkit for immediate impact
  • Better relationships with your colleagues
  • Greater freedom in how you lead
  • Potential to transform the culture of your organisation

To find out more, please get in touch with Katie: