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Learning to Flourish receives a positive evaluation in British Psychological Society journal

Learning to Flourish’s leadership programme and DRIVE™ motivational model have been evaluated by NHS leaders in a report published by the British Psychological Society, with clinical psychologists saying the course improved their confidence as leaders by helping attendees understand their personal strengths.

“Participants greatly enjoyed…head to head discussions by and between senior members of the profession in Scotland.” said Alison McMullan, Chair of the Division of Clinical Psychologists (DCP) in Scotland in the Spring 2019 edition of DCP Scotland Review.

“The experiential nature of much of the course was a bit of a shock to many; it was challenging but led to increased confidence on personal strengths and competencies.”

Some 24 clinical psychology leaders participated in the 12-month Adaptive Leadership Development Programme, which was developed by Learning to Flourish to help the NHS Scotland address a lack of applications for critical senior leadership roles in health boards in Scotland.

 “A shortfall of candidates was highlighted for senior leadership posts, such as Head of Service and other roles that benefit patients, families, workplaces and society,” said Ms McMullan.”

“…there was benefit in a course specifically addressing the needs of our profession focused on the development of confidence in working outside comfort zones…from mentoring and the development of professional networks.”

In developing the programme, Learning to Flourish drew on confidence surveys in England suggesting that clinical psychology department heads faced high stress and isolation as leaders. The surveys showed that clinical psychologists were being promoted into extremely taxing leadership roles without being given a formal understanding of their own personal qualities they could draw on to succeed as leaders.

“I have had many years’ experience of professional management…including managing psychiatrists. I recall my shock when a doctor said to me in frustration: ‘I was told that when I was a Consultant people would do what I told them,’” Ms McMullan said.

The programme helped participants developing an understanding of their own, personal leadership qualities using Learning to Flourish’s DRIVE™ motivational model and then to apply this knowledge by choosing an project in their real-life workplace.

When evaluating the programme participants said they were highly likely to recommend the course to other clinical psychology and all reported an improvement in confidence as leaders.

“The feedback illustrated to me the importance of individuals in a small profession having access to support and learning…It will be interesting to see how we progress this learning and even more interesting to follow our candidates’ career progression,” said Ms McMullan.