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Diagram Showing 10 DRIVE Strenghts In A Dial

Spark your Drive®: The Business Case

Spark your Drive® is a proactive, developmental and interactive initiative to build the capability of change agents. Key problems for change initiatives are people feeling ‘done to’ and depersonalised by the process, especially when reliant on discretionary effort. Spark your Drive® tackles these problems by harnessing individuals’ distinctive strengths as motivating ‘hooks’ to create agency and ownership of change.

What’s involved?

Spark your Drive® 4 hour workshops support change agents to develop a navigator mindset with a 3 part navigation toolkit developed through a 5 step coaching process:

• Strengths Compass builds self-awareness of people’s distinctive drives and provides personalised direction and purpose. Spark your Drive® participants use the Learning to Flourish psychological framework of strengths called DRIVE (Decisions, Responsibility, Influence, Vision, Energy) and its personality questionnaire plus prompt cards to explore what matters most to them about change.

• Support Radar enhances social awareness and enables people to tune into those around them, both in detecting and responding to each other’s needs. Spark your Drive® participants work in trios using the SPARK (Strengths, Potential, Appreciation, Reach Out, Kick Start) coaching technique to support each other as they navigate the landscape of change.

• Achievement Tracker captures how people make a difference through a track record of progress. Spark your Drive® participants work individually to reflect on and capture previous successes that they may take for granted and share those successes in their trios. Throughout the workshop they build each others confidence and leave the workshop committing to 3 actions for change which are followed up a week later.

The Navigator Mindset is based on Deci & Ryan’s empirically derived Self-Determination theory (Autonomy, Relatedness and Competence) in facilitating people’s sense of resilience, initiative and performance.

Spark your Drive® builds change agents’ capability through their dual roles of Navigators and Sparks. As Navigators, they develop their personally distinctive Strengths Compass, Support Radar and Achievement Tracker. As Sparks, they build their coaching skills and practise coaching colleagues to successfully deliver change. These are fast-paced workshops with a high level of content and leaders appreciate the efficient use of time and resources.