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Strengths building for Clifton Hall staff

Clifton Hall Strengths

Learning to Flourish ran a Strengths workshop for teaching staff at Clifton Hall School.

Clifton Hall is an independent school in Edinburgh teaching pupils from nursery through to Senior 6. Giving children opportunities to develop in their own unique ways is a central part of teaching at Clifton Hall. The Learning to Flourish session on 28 August was a chance for teachers to benefit from the same approach.

Starting with My Best Self introductions, The Learning to Flourish workshop showed the benefits of focusing on strengths rather than on weaknesses. Teachers explored their own distinctive strengths and worked in teams to find new ways to use them.

“In Katie’s excellent session we learned about strengths and how using our strengths helps us perform better” Rod Grant, Headmaster at Clifton Hall

Strength flags, which capture the diversity of strengths at Clifton Hall and highlight how to learn and use them, now hang in the staffroom to inspire teachers. Rod Grant believes that character strengths such as resilience are just as importance as academic achievement for success in life.