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Pushing boundaries

At Learning to Flourish, we’ve developed the DRIVE framework of strengths – Decisions, Responsibility, Influence, Vision and Energy – to put into practice the findings from Positive Psychology research.

Traditionally, psychology has been focused on overcoming human suffering. But the absence of suffering is not flourishing. Over the past 20 years, the profession has expanded its horizons to understand and advance human resilience and success.

The DRIVE framework of strengths forms the basis for a range of strengths-based programmes including: Leadership, Coaching and Team Building.

What is the evidence for the performance benefits of Positive Psychology?

  • Strength-focused individuals are more creative, collaborative and resilient at work
  • Resilience is twice as good a predictor of success as IQ
  • People who use their strengths are less stressed
  • Strength-focused individuals are more likely to achieve their goals
  • Personal growth and development increases when leaders start with what’s strong