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At Learning to Flourish we’ve developed a bespoke performance psychology model called DRIVE  – Decisions, Responsibility, Influence, Vision and Energy  that identifies the signature strengths of each individual and underpins all our services.  Our process for using DRIVE to raise the performance of individuals and teams is called Spark your DRIVE ®.

Spark your DRIVE forms the basis for our range of performance psychology programmes including leadership, development, executive coaching and team building. We also train business leaders, teachers and medical professionals to employ Spark your DRIVE through our Performance Tools for Coaches and Performance Tools for Professional Development sessions.

Diagram showing 10 DRIVE strenghts in a dial

What is the evidence for the performance benefits of performance psychology?

Traditionally, psychology has been focused on overcoming human suffering. But the absence of suffering is not flourishing. So in the  1990s, the field began to consider how to understand and advance human resilience and success, the field of performance known as positive psychology.

Studies have shown the following benefits from employing positive psychology at work:

  • Strength-focused individuals are more creative, collaborative and resilient at work
  • Resilience is twice as good a predictor of success as IQ
  • People who use their strengths are less stressed
  • Strength-focused individuals are more likely to achieve their goals
  • Personal growth and development increases when leaders start with what’s strong