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Bouncing forward with BBC Expert Women in Scotland

Successful transitions demand personal resilience that’s more than just bouncing back from difficulties; it’s also bouncing forward into new opportunities. On 28th August, the BBC Academy and BBC Scotland gave 24 expert women a chance to move into the world of media. Hands-on training, both on TV and radio, with some of the industry’s top talent was an outstanding opportunity for all of us to learn how to broadcast our work.

I was excited to be selected, but nervous about performing on the day. I needn’t have worried; the BBC team helped us achieve beyond our expectations.

Harnessing our Inner Resources

It would have been easy to feel intimidated by the 23 amazing women I met over coffee. But the emphasis was always on our distinctive expertise and strengths. Each of was encouraged to be our unique ‘best self’ by focusing on the passion we feel for our work.

Building Supportive Relationships

The media experts inspired us with their belief in our shared impact. Rather than any sense of competition, there was a vision of us making a difference together. We encouraged each other to ‘go for it’ and celebrated our successes when we did!

Bouncing us Forward

Like a very springy trampoline with a very large safety net, the day was designed to develop our media resilience. We actually had fun in front of the cameras and microphones because everyone made us feel that we could do it. My favourite piece of advice was ‘mistakes are good – learn from them’.

Now, it’s up to us…