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One-on-one Coaching Sessions

What is it?

Series of one-on-one coaching sessions to help leaders identify and apply their signature strengths to lift their performance.

Who's it for?

Senior executives, leaders and entrepreneurs.

What do clients say?

"Amazing, thought-provoking coaching. Katie helps me with my mindset to deal with growth barriers, risk taking and handling pressure and stress"
- Sam Brennan, CEO, Fresh Car Valeting

“One-to one coaching with Learning to Flourish has simply been the best coaching experience in my professional life- thoughtful, reflective, stretching and fun. It delivers.”
- Professor Angela Timoney, NHS Lothian Director of Pharmacy

What does it involve?

  • Series of individual coaching sessions, normally 60-90 minutes in length
  • Helps leaders identify their signature strengths and goals
  • Helps leaders resolve challenges in a new light using their strengths
  • Provides space for leaders to have discussions in a confidential setting