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Learning to Flourish uses a strengths-based approach to realise leadership potential and build resilience for success.

We can achieve remarkable things when we feel strong enough to push the boundaries of our comfort zone and take on new challenges.

Our strengths are the authentic and energising talents at the core of our personalities. Each of us has a distinctive set of strengths that drives our success and creates our unique impact. Unfortunately, most of us are too busy worrying about what’s wrong to focus on what’s strong, but the psychological evidence challenges us to think again.

Successful leaders build their resilience and realise their potential by developing their distinctive strengths not by conforming to a well-rounded average.


I help schools become more confident places of learning using the latest applied positive psychology thinking.  After working with me teachers and pupils learn to harness their distinctive, authentic and energising personal strengths.

Business Leaders

Learning to Flourish helps leaders become more daring and disciplined. Entrepreneurs and managers are more creative, motivated and successful when they know drives them, a discovery process I facilitate using our DRIVE positive psychology model.

Medical Professionals

NHS clinicians, managers and support staff work with me to become more resilient. NHS staff become more energised, confident and gain clarity of thinking by rediscovering what motivates them using the DRIVE positive psychology framework.