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Learning to Flourish helps give people the power to make their organisations prosper using performance psychology.

Organisations all seek better performance by motivating their staff, engaging them with change and nurturing leadership. Learning to Flourish’s DRIVE performance psychology model helps staff overcome hurdles –  fear of mistakes, a lack of shared vision and a loss of self-agency – that prevent individuals from driving organisational performance themselves.

Using this methodology, Learning to Flourish works with businesses, schools and the NHS. All our services are available in-person and online via video conferencing and our web tool suite.

Our proposition runs counter to management consultancy ‘development’ offerings which identify deficits in the performance of organisational teams and seek to address weaknesses in people. Individuals find this approach profoundly un-motivating which limits the success of these interventions.

Learning to Flourish flips interventions on their head by helping individuals figure out the best ways to raise performance themselves by understanding their psychological inventory of signature ‘strengths’ which motivate them.

Our Eight

Our approach has eight key elements that informs what we do and how we do it.

We focus on what’s strong, not what’s wrong

Our DRIVE performance psychology model focuses on strengths, the signature traits at the core of our personalities that motivate individuals and make them unique. We help individuals understand their strengths rather than starting by targeting areas of weakness. We accept that leaders and managers need to have a baseline of acceptable performance in all areas, but by understanding their strengths first, individuals can better identify and manage weaknesses.

Strengths are different to skills

Skills are things individuals have learned to do, but they’re not necessarily part of our innate psychological make up. While skills contribute to our sense of ability, strengths provide motivation to take calculated risks, be resilient to difficulties and drive performance.

'Done by' NOT 'done to'

Our approach helps individuals figure out the best ways to raise performance themselves – ‘done by’ – rather than being told of weakness that they must improve – ‘done to’. Strengths discovery means each individual is treated individually during training, feels a locus of control and is motivated by the intervention

Our approach scales to help teams

By helping each individuals understand the range of strengths among their colleagues, our approaches helps ‘stuck’ teams improve performance. High-performing teams are shown by research make use of the diversity of abilities among members and our approach offers the reveal.


Our process encourages individuals to adopt a growth mindset, whereby challenges are viewed more positively as learning experiences. This makes our process an excellent tool for managing change and for learning and development processes such as professional review and development.

Anti-fragility and resilience

By encouraging individuals to adopt a growth mindset, whereby challenges are viewed more positively as learning experiences, strengths help individuals be resilient to difficulties they may face in their working environment.

Professionally designed and delivered

Although coaching is a popular service offered by many, our services are delivered by accredited psychologists, using current scientific thinking and are designed following serious work done with hundreds of senior leaders of global organisations.

Sticky, sticky, sticky

Learning to Flourish focuses on enabling organisational leaders and coaches to use performance psychology in their workplaces and help colleagues understand their strengths. This enables clients to drive the intervention, internalises it and increases it success measured by uptake and spread. Our approach sticks.