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Strengths at Work: Framing with Heleen

In her Strengths at Work video, Heleen reveals that using her signature strengths helped her establish an entirely new vocation as an author alongside her rewarding career of many years as a strategy consultant.

Heleen uses her strength of ‘Framing’ to help consulting clients step back from their day-to-day issues and focus on critical and immediate decisions they need to take. But as an author, Framing also helps Heleen get to the point, plan novels and provide clear ideas to readers.

In Strengths at Work, our clients and colleagues tell us in their own words (and webcams!) how they use their strengths to succeed. Heleen’s signature strengths were identified by Learning to Flourish’s Spark your DRIVE® online performance psychology questionnaire.

Strengths are the traits at the core of our personalities that motivate us and Spark your DRIVE helps people understand and use their signature strengths to push aside blockers such as a fear of mistakes, imposter syndrome and loss of self belief.

Are you a business, school or medical professional interested in learning about your own strengths or telling us how you use yours? Email us at for a link to the questionnaire.