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Overview of Scanning

Describing Scanning

Here are some examples of Scanners describing their strength and defining what Scanning means to them

It’s about being naturally curious. I love finding out about new things

I like making people aware of all the possibilities. Better decisions are made that way

For me, it’s spotting opportunities to change things up. I observe my environment closely and pay attention to other people’s views and opinions so I can make informed decisions.

Complexity is an adventure to me. I like to say I am unfazed by ambiguity

Scanning in your work place

Here are some of the ways Scanners use their strengths at work to have impact

Scanners are effective at spotting key issues before others. They can detect shifts in patterns of data that indicate that ‘something is happening’, which needs addressing

They are open-minded when solving problems, putting aside presupposition, being flexible approach and being willing to adapt their ideas to changing circumstances

Scanners can be known for well-considered decisions. The quality of their judgements is informed by their appreciation of broader strategies

Opportunities for Scanners

Here are some ideas about opportunities to use Scanning at work

Research and development

Novel situations where previous knowledge is lacking and data gathering is required

Challenges where a new solution is required because ‘tried and tested’ decisions have failed

Complex and critical problem solving situations where a Scanner’s breadth of experience enables them to make a considered decision that others do not have the expertise to make

New teams working together where Scanners can encourage people to reflect on events

Barriers for Scanning

Here are some situations that Scanners might find frustrating or demotivating and wish to approach differently or keep away from.

Being rushed to make complex decisions

Crisis management situations where you have no prior experience to rely on

Superficial situations where the outcome of decisions is not taken seriously