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Pushing boundaries Learning to Flourish is a performance psychology consultancy that gives people the power to make their organisations prosper
Our story

Learning to Flourish started in Edinburgh in 2011. Our mission is to help businesses, the NHS and schools raise their performance by motivating their staff, engaging them with change and nurturing leadership.

We believe in giving people the power to raise their own performance. Learning to Flourish’s DRIVE performance psychology model helps people understand and use their signature strengths to push aside blockers such as a fear of mistakes, imposter syndrome and loss of self belief.

Services that help during Covid


Online personal coaching to help leaders lift their performance, be resilient in difficult circumstances and take calculated risks.


Online training that equips teachers to deliver series of leadership workshops for pupils to succeed in life beyond school.


Online performance coaching for groups of leaders and senior executives for improving leadership effectiveness

During Covid-19 helps...

Human resource leads who want to help managers working at home deal with stress, uncertainty and isolation.

John Morrison, Corporate Finance Partner, Shepherd + Wedderburn

“The benefit of Learning to Flourish’s coaching has been exponential during the ongoing health pandemic, an exceptionally challenging time to work

During Covid-19 helps...

Schools wishing to continue pupil leadership in their personal education curriculum despite restricted training visits to schools

Fiona Slavin, Head of Sixth Year, Edinburgh Academy

Great practical training to bring pupils’ strengths to life so they can communicate and use them for planning their future beyond school

During Covid-19 helps...

Human resource leads who wish to keep identifying, developing and rewarding leaders despite workplace restrictions

Yvonne Brady, Development, Diversity and Inclusion Partner, Shepherd + Wedderburn

Learning to Flourish’s Coaching element has been one of the most successful aspects of our programme for all of the delegates.  Feedback on coaching sessions has been universally positive

Our thinking