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Fresh Mobile Car Valeting

Fresh Car Valeting

Award-winning entrepreneur Sam Brennan use Learning Flourish executive coaching to help scale his business and accommodate the increasing complexity of his leadership responsibilities.

"Amazing, thought-provoking coaching. Katie helps me with my mindset to deal with growth barriers, risk taking and handling pressure and stress"
- Sam Brennan

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  • Fresh Car Valeting, a mobile car care platform, chooses Learning to Flourish executive coaching for founder entrepreneur Sam Brennan
  • Accommodating rapid expansion saw Sam build his leadership skills and impact but at the same time the added complexity sapped his energy
  • Sam decided to seek executive coaching with Learning to Flourish for it’s ‘psychological expertise in mindset transformation’
  • Coaching returns Sam’s energy levels and boosts productivity with the insight that ‘the way to move forward is not to do more – it’s through fine tuning’
  • Fresh plans to provide Learning to Flourish executive coaching to its entire leadership team to support ambitious rollout of new technology to  31 million drivers in 2021